Render farms made for


Flaneer provide render farms for graphic intensive jobs.
It's time to offload your render

Tired of wasting your time while rendering ?

We know the pain of having your computer unusable for hours.
That's why we are building the perfect product to help you focus on what's really important : Your creativity

A turn key tool to save your time

Open your project, choose your render and software specifications, and continue working while we take care of rendering.

Scalability at the top  

We can provide you as many powerful machines as you need, for rendering every project you have, at the same time.
Unlimited rendering power.

Save money and avoid logistics issues

No need to buy more expensive physical machines. Our cloud high end machines will ensure you faster render times without being too expensive

Accelerate your render in the cloud.

We need you to create the perfect render farm service.
Let's build this together.

The cloud render farm you'll enjoy using

We want to provide the best render farm tool to help you.
Depending on your feedbacks and needs, we can build the most personalized tool that you won't be able to work without.

Compatibility with all of your creatives software

3Ds max, Blender, Maya..
We can integrate with any of your software, you just have to tell us which ones you need. 

Check out our supported software list here.

Benefit from our expertise in cloud computing

We have an excellent understanding of virtual machines and cloud technologies, which allows us to create the best possible cloud render farm ever.

High end CPU and GPU to cover all of your needs

Get the best GPUs on the market Up to 8 RTX 3080 (or equivalent) in a single render node !

Check out our available configurations right here.

Pay as you render

Depending on your needs, you'll be able to choose your rendering details, quality, time and the price will follow.
You'll pay only for what you use.

Get early access to Render farm

Give us details on your ideal render farm use and software.
We'll create it for you.

Thank you! We will get back to you soon !
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