Cloud workstations for animation and video studios

Flaneer provides a rental service to access state of the art virtual machines with GPU. You can create or quit your subscription whenever you want.

We offer you the flexibility to deal with your workload.

3 reasons why you should use Flaneer

Video rooms are expensive and fully booked

With Flaneer, you can work from everywhere without losing any computing power or having any difficulty to set-up and start working.

Logistics are painful and time consuming

Everything is manageable in one click from the webapp.

E-waste costs a lot, to you and to our planet

Flaneer allows you to extend the life of your current hardware. You save money, you consume less, and our earth thanks you. 

" Flaneer is a flexible solution which gives us access to powerful and secure machines.

They can be used for video editing and 3D modelling, without having to invest in expensive equipment. "

Specific features you may like

USB Remotization

Connect devices on your virtual machine through your physical laptop. Up to 4 monitors.

Image quality and stutter free

The best experience if you have at least 50Mb/s on your computer. We aim less than 30ms of latency.

Yuv444 for an incredible colour quality and color fidelity.

They trust us

They've been supporting us since the begining, let's praise them!

Most popular products for video editing

Your new PC is in the cloud.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on the chat if you don't have your answer here

Does Flaneer offer a free trial?

We can't offer a 100% free trial since we pay AWS for their machines. However, we do understand the need to test out our product before subscribing. That's why we've created a special offer to get refund 95% of the subscription if you resign before 24h. 

Is it possible to install VPN on your machines?

Yes it is! Most of our clients use it to connect to their files server. If you need any assistance when implementing your VPN, and be sure that you don't break the machine's setup, feel free to reach us. 

Are your machines always on?

Not really. If we let our machines 24/7 on, we wouldn't be profitable. What we do is we put a timeout after 2 hours on non activity in the streaming session. If you are interested in rendering, build machines, or complex calculations, we created a new offer dedicated to this need, based on an hourly pricing.

How do you deal with GDPR?

We let our customers choose the location of their datacenters. It means that if you choose a datacenter in Europe, it will automatically complies with GDPR rules. 

Can I use my own streaming protocol on a Flaneer's machine?

Our streaming technology is based on a DCV product. It's a great streaming protocol for 3D design, animation, and video editing. If by any chance you want to test another streaming protocol, feel free to do so. After all, Flaneer is just a PC... in the cloud!

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