Take back control on your IT costs with Flaneer

As a creative studio, you definitely need to optimize your costs while enabling your teams to run applications faster and better from home. Flaneer offers a no-latency work experience, without commitment or hidden costs.

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Managing your own hardware cost a lot.

Especially when you have to deal with peaks of activity which make very difficult the prevision of employees/hardware required


$ 700

Firms spend $700 per user per month when all IT expenses are factored

Source : Gartner, Inc


80 %

of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase.

Source : Gartner, Inc


30 min

per week trying to fix PC problems or helping a co-worker.

Source : Compass America

Here's the best way to optimize your IT costs

We know how painful cost optimization can be for your company.
As a creative studio, you have to deal with the peaks of activity depending on projects you own, and equip your remote creative workers with the best IT equipment while optimizing your hardware costs.

So you buy expensive new equipment, which will end up waiting in a cupboard before being reallocated to a new project, requiring maintenance and depreciating in the process.

What if you could optimize your costs while enabling your teams to create faster and better from home?
Good news for you, the cloud has transformed the way creatives business like you can manage their resources. You don’t need to make a huge investment in hardware for short-term needs anymore. Say hello to Flaneer!

With Flaneer, you enable developers and creatives to work, store, build and render without the need for physical servers or high-end workstations.

Tailored on-demand machines
made for you

We want to help you focus on what really maters in your daily work: Your creatives project.

Evacuate your mental workload

No need to handle repair and maintenance with our Flaneer's cloud

Get the most recent IT equipment

Adapt your computing power to your needs, whenever you want.

Have a full control on your IT costs

A monthly subscription, without any commitment.
You exactly know what you pay for.

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Your workstation, in minutes.

Blazingly fast. Stop waiting for months to get new computers. Choose your machine, share accesses and start creating with your team in less than 5 minutes. With Flaneer, it has never been easier to rent a PC.


Compatible with all of your creatives software

"Flaneer was the best cloud option, by far."


Jaime Herke

Technical supervisor


We are using Flaneer as an option to easily onboard freelancers
without having to dedicate a physical machine to them in the office."

You exactly know what you pay for.

Modulable GPU, CPU, SSD. Build the perfect machine for your needs, without having hidden costs.
No commitment, and 90% refund if you delete your subscription within 24h