Work from home? No longer a problem


An IT environment even better than at the office

Enable your teams to run applications faster and better from home. Flaneer offers a no latency experience for CAD and 3D design softwares. 


No need to invest in expensive laptops

Working from home usually leads to invest in brand-new machine. With Flaneer, you just eliminate upfront hardware capital expenses. Gain flexibility and use a cloud based machine whenenver you need it.

8 hours to 30 minutes Build time

Flaneer radically accelerates C++ compilations

Not just faster - insanely faster

Access to hyper optimized machines for asset creation, shader compilations, rendering, data conversion, texture processing, and lightmap baking.

No more...

... compromising on full rebuilds or feature branches
... timing your compilations to lunch time

Stop worrying about IT infrastructure and maintenance

Evacuate your mental workload

It's always kind of tricky to handle repair and maintenance for an IT infrastructure. It's even more complex with remote work because of shipment issues. 

Get the best and most recent IT equipment

With Flaneer's platform, you can change your hardware in one click. Leverage the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure to create new workstations in seconds. Adapt your computing power to your needs whenever you want.

Cloud workstations for creative studios. 

Increase computing power and data security.


You can either choose a ready-to-buy package, with a pre-configured environment or create your own package. We offer +450 different setups. We made the choice to display only the most populars. If you don't find the right match, feel free to contact us.

€359.00 per month

  • Nvidia A10 G
    64GB RAM - 16 cores
    24 GB vRAM
    AMD EPYC 7R32 (2.8 GHz)
    256GB SSD - 500GB cloud storage

€574.00 per month

  • Nvidia A10 G
    128GB RAM - 32 cores
    24 GB vRAM
    AMD EPYC 7R32 (2.8 GHz)
    256GB SSD - 500GB cloud storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on the chat if you don't have your answer here

Does Flaneer offer a free trial?

We can't offer a 100% free trial since we pay AWS for their machines. However, we do understand the need to test out our product before subscribing. That's why we've created a special offer to get refund 95% of the subscription if you resign before 24h. 

Is it possible to install VPN on your machines?

Yes it is! Most of our clients use it to connect to their files server. If you need any assistance when implementing your VPN, and be sure that you don't break the machine's setup, feel free to reach us. 

Are your machines always on?

Not really. If we let our machines 24/7 on, we wouldn't be profitable. What we do is we put a timeout after 2 hours on non activity in the streaming session. If you are interested in rendering, build machines, or complex calculations, we created a new offer dedicated to this need, based on an hourly pricing.

How do you deal with GDPR?

We let our customers choose the location of their datacenters. It means that if you choose a datacenter in Europe, it will automatically complies with GDPR rules. 

Can I use my own streaming protocol on a Flaneer's machine?

Our streaming technology is based on a DCV product. It's a great streaming protocol for 3D design, animation, and video editing. If by any chance you want to test another streaming protocol, feel free to do so. After all, Flaneer is just a PC... in the cloud!

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