Virtualisation for everyone

Built for engineers by engineers

For engineer agencies and hardware companies

We help engineers run their simulation tools with high performance and reliability in the cloud.

Easily managed by IT teams

We help IT teams to choose the virtual workspace settings and plan the instances. Once setup, IT teams are the one managing user access. They have a full visibility on Engineers' activity on Flaneer. 

software integration

Easily connect with the softwares you already use

why the cloud for simulations

Why using a virtualisation solution for simulations?

Boost the productivity

Enable your engineers to run applications faster and better at the office or from home. Flexible hardware that powers innovation and adjusts engineering needs.

Make Savings

Eliminate upfront hardware capital expenses, increase cost effectiveness and transparency. Leverage on-demand cloud desktops to lower overall cost-per-simulation.

Improve your IT security

Flaneer's top priority is to secure your data. In top of our cloud providers' security policy (GCP, AWS, Azure, OVH), we've added encryption to secure your data.

Built & Rendered on Flaneer

"I've been amazed by Flaneer's fluidity. It has never been that much easy to work on Solidworks."

François Lormel

Mechanical Engineer

"Thanks to Flaneer tere is no difference between working from home or at the office"

Samanta Me

Fluid System Engineer

"I am done with failed simulations due to a lack of computer power"

William Border

CAD Engineer


What our customers have to say

Flaneer gives flexibility and computer power like no other tool

case study

A smooth migration to the cloud

Migrate IT to the cloud is challenging

High performance computing drives cutting-edge product development. And the future of this computing is in the cloud.

But moving complex R&D workflows to the cloud can challenge even the most experienced IT teams, and lead to slower simulations, unhappy engineers and lost revenue.

We provide a tailor-made solution

With Flaneer's platform, engineers can easily scale simulations up and down, while IT can control cost controls and manage security.

Security & Privacy

Protecting your information

Protecting your information is our top priority. We store your data in secure servers, audited by 3rd party security firms, and the most sensitive data is encrypted.

Streaming encryption

Your screen and keystrokes are encrypted over the wire, making Flaneer your best tool against cyber attacks.

Scale up your simulations

Use the native graphical user interface of your favorite simulation software in fully interactive mode on the cloud.

Flaneer lets you run Ansys, Abaqus, Autocad, Solidworks and many more applications the way they were originally intended.

- Create your customised cluster in the cloud in one click
- Complies with your IT and security policy
- Be serene when launching your simulation, it's unlikely to fail