The simple, more agile alternative to Citrix

No learning curve, or complex implementation projects. You can give your users access to Flaneer from day 1.

Manage your users sessions

See who is online, and join their session to collaborate on the same software. Imagine Figma, but for the software you need.

Import and Create users in seconds

Import your users, create groups and manage their authorizations in a few click. We made IT management as simple as it gets.

Create new Workspace in minutes

No more long and boring computer set-up. You can create a Workspace with the software you need in minutes, and make them available to your users in seconds.

Why choose Flaneer over Citrix?



We leverage AI to optimize cloud ressources. With Flaneer, you can save up to 70% compared with your current Citrix subscription.



You need to migrate your applications to the cloud ? When Citrix requires a complex and time consuming process to be fully operational, Flaneer can be implemented in your organization in less than a day.



IT must adapt to your business' needs. This can be harsh when you are stuck with expensive and  hardware. With a cloud solution such as Flaneer, you can adapt immediately, with no commitment!

Cloud workstations for creative studios. 

Increase computing power and data security.
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