Cloud workstations for animation studios

Flaneer provides a rental service to access state of the art virtual machines with GPU, from anywhere and at any time.

A game changing solution for remote based studios.
Let's create your first workstation and start changing the way you work.

Get your production pipeline based on cloud workstations

Modeling / Sculpting

On our cloud workstation you can use software like Blender or Maya to create 3D models and programs like Zbrush to sculpt them.


This is yet another compute intensive stage of the pipeline. You can leverage our cloud workstation to put the skeleton inside the 3D model


With Flaneer you can take the final rendered images into a product such as Nuke or After Effects and compositing them into a single final image.


Making things move requires specific skills. 
Exploit them at full capacity thanks to the right environement.


Flaneer developed its own online render farm solution. You can directly push your work to rendering from your cloud workstation.
Discover our render farm solution here

3 reasons why animation studios choose Flaneer

Increase your IT infrastructure security

As an animation studio, you are likely to work with major companies such as Netflix or Disney. 
Those companies require from their partners high security standards. 
Flaneer helps animation studios to match with MPA guideline

Leverage the flexibility of the cloud to equip internal artists and freelancers

2D or 3D animation projects require computing power. It leads to heavy investments in hardware equipment. the problem with short projects is that we don't know if we will still need these machines once the project is finished. Renting a cloud machine is a good solution to make sure you don't invest money in expensive machine that will only be used for 6 months. 

In addition, our solution can give you access to dozens of machines in minutes, whereas some studios wait for months to get new material because of the semi-conductor crisis...

E-waste costs a lot, to you and our planet.

Flaneer allows you to extend the life of your current hardware. You save money, you consume less, and our earth thanks you. 

" Flaneer is a flexible solution which gives us access to powerful and secure machines.

They can be used for video editing and 3D modelling, without having to invest in expensive equipment. "

Features specially made for animation studios

USB Remotization

Connect devices on your virtual machine through your physical laptop. You can connect up to 4 monitors. Our solution is compatible with Wacom tablets. You won't feel the difference with your local computer.

Image quality and stutter free

The best experience if you have at least 20Mb/s on your computer. We aim less than 30ms of latency.

You can use Yuv444 color model from our local application. It's a great technological asset for an incredible color quality and color fidelity.

Data sharing optimization

We know how much painful it is to share heavy files among a team or to a freelancer. Flaneer can host your data, or can be plugged with any Data Management Platform you use (on premise or in the cloud). Our solution is designed to support multiple edition from different users working on the same project.

A computer to rule them all

Compatible with all your animation, rendering, rigging or 3D editing software

Cloud workstations for creative studios.

Increase your computing power and data security!