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Connect your data

Cloud based. Whether your files are hosted on AWS or any other cloud provider, you can mount a drive to your cloud workstation to access them.

On premise. Install a VPN on your virtual desktop to access your locally stored files. This way all of your data does not need to reside in a cloud data center.


Compute Stations for professionals

Flaneer gives access to state-of-the-art technologies in terms of computing power, pixel streaming and system management


3 Gb/s+

The bandwidth of our virtual desktop. Uploading and downloading has never been that fast.


< 30 ms

of latency. You won't feel the difference with your local computer



Our computing stations can keep working even when there is no human activity on them. Let the cloud PC do the job for you!



Flaneer relies on AWS data centers that supports more security standards than any other offering, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, etc.



Choose the right CPU according to your needs. Flaneer provides top class CPUs like Intel Xeon Platinum 8124M Processors (3GHz) or Intel Skylake E5 2686 v5 Processors (3.1GHz)



Flaneer provides GPUs for professionals like Nvidia Tesla T4 or Nvidia A10G.

Use cases


Game Studios - Project Build

The specific requirements for exporting a game to Windows will depend on the game engine or development platform that you are using. For example, if you are using the Unity game engine, you will need to install the Unity Editor on a Windows machine and use it to export your game as a Windows build.

Our clients prefer to use a virtual machine to access a Windows machine remotely and use it to export their game. This can be a convenient option if you want to get a faster build thanks to a powerful cloud PC.


Animation studios - 3D Rendering

There are several reasons why it might be preferable to use a cloud PC for 3D rendering jobs:

- Performance: Cloud PCs can often offer better performance than a personal computer, especially for resource-intensive tasks like 3D rendering. This is because cloud PCs are typically equipped with high-end hardware and can be configured with a large number of CPU cores and a lot of memory.

- Scalability: With a cloud PC, you can easily scale up the number of CPU cores and the amount of memory that you have available for rendering. This can be particularly useful if you need to render a large number of frames or if you are working on a project with a tight deadline.

- Accessibility: A cloud PC can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it convenient to use for remote work or if you need to access your rendering resources from multiple locations.

- Cost: Using a cloud PC can be more cost-effective than upgrading your personal computer or purchasing additional hardware. You only pay for the resources that you use, and you can easily scale up or down as needed.


3D Engineering - Simulation

A virtual desktop can be a useful tool for running simulations in a BIM project because it allows you to access and use specialized software and resources from any device with an internet connection.

This can be especially helpful if you need to run simulations on a powerful computer with high-end hardware, as you can access this computer remotely through the virtual desktop rather than having to use a less powerful device.

Using a virtual desktop can also help you to avoid compatibility issues that might arise if you try to run simulations on a device that doesn't have the necessary software or hardware requirements.

Additionally, a virtual desktop can provide a more secure and stable environment for running simulations, as it is isolated from other processes and can be configured to meet specific performance and security needs.


Microsoft Office & Code - Scrapping

Flaneer is a Desktop as a Service (Daas) solution that can be used for complex and basic tasks. The internet bandwidth (from 1GB/s to 4GB/s) enables automating tasks on the web such as scrapping. 


Our add-on features

Complete your virtual desktop with premium functionnalities

Cloud Storage
On top of the SSD storage, Flaneer offers cloud storage services. The connection between the virtual desktop and the cloud storage works like any other hard drive.
€5.00 per month per 100GB
Fixed IP
If you need a Fixed IP for your use case (e.g. license server), we can provide it for you. 
€10 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on the chat if you don't have your answer here

Does Flaneer offer a free trial?

We've created a special offer to get a 90% refund of the subscription if you resign before 48h. 

Is it possible to install VPN on your machines?

Yes it is! Most of our clients use it to connect to their files server. If you need any assistance when implementing your VPN, and be sure that you don't break the machine's setup, feel free to reach out or check the help center. 

Are your machines always on?

It depends on the type of machine that you choose. Cloud workstations are meant to be used for creative jobs like video editing or 3d animation, or programming. Those machines are billed monthly and automatically turn off when there is no more human activity on them.
If you want a 24/7 machine, you can subscribe to our Compute Stations offer. They are pay-as-you-go machines, hourly billed.

How do you deal with GDPR?

We let our customers choose the location of their datacenters. It means that if you choose a datacenter in Europe, it will automatically comply with GDPR rules. 

Can I use my own streaming protocol on a Flaneer's machine?

Our streaming technology is based on DCV and Reemo technology. They are great streaming protocol for 3D design, animation, and video editing. If by any chance you want to test another streaming protocol, feel free to do so. After all, Flaneer is just a PC... in the cloud!

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