The Virtual Machine made for Game Studios

Work as a (remote) team on the same project

Teams are now dispersed around the world, and they must collaborate as if they were in one office. Allow your teammates to collaborate simultaneously on projects, even large ones (up to 2To).

A virtual desktop environment ready in 1 click

When a new employee joins a team, the first days are dedicated to installing the project and its dependencies. With Flaneer, you eliminate this waste of time and get a work environment ready at once.

SOFTWARES integration

Flaneer is specifically designed for all your platforms

Why is the cloud a good solution?

Why a virtualization solution will dramatically change your game studio?

Focus on creativity, stop worrying about IT

Managing a fleet of servers and computers is a job in itself. This requires time and heavy investments. At Flaneer we make sure that your software works 100% of the time on your environments, and that you have the most suitable hardware for your computing needs.

Optimize your costs

Stop wasting money on purchasing expensive hardware that must be changed every 3-5 years. Take advantage of flexible IT resources to constantly adjust it to your needs.

Not just faster - insanely faster

For indie studios, AAA game empires, and everything in between – Flaneer instantly accelerates game development tasks by up to 30x. Out-of-the-box ready to turbocharge PC, mobile, VR, and console games. Only Flaneer lets you develop and compile a multiplatform game using your code, your processes, and your tools (without modification) and do so mind-blowingly faster.

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Take advantage of Cloud Computing

Installing a virtualization solution has never been such a game

Unlike traditional players in virtualization, Flaneer offers an administration tool that allows our clients to configure customized workspace templates in a few clicks, choosing your servers, graphics cards or even the key software you use.

At Flaneer, we finally wanted to reconcile outsourcing and user experience.

Flaneer, a cloud solution designed for the most demanding use cases

Since its creation, Flaneer's objective is to provide a solution which match the needs of the most demanding industries in terms of creation / design. We have developed a tool for teams working (sometimes remotely) on complex projects and handling a large volume of data.

Data Security

Protect your data

Protecting your information is our top priority. We store your data in secure servers, audited by 3rd party security firms, and the most sensitive data is encrypted.

Work from Anywhere, safely

Flaneer offers a ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) solution, which is safer than a classic VPN.
Flaneer offers a unique and secured access portal to all your applications, allowing a safe access without opening any network port.

Still not convinced ?

Flaneer radically speeds up C, C++, and C# builds, all popular game dev SDKs, and leading game engines like Unreal Engine, Lumberyard, and CryENGINE. We turbocharge asset creation, shader compilations, rendering, data conversion, texture processing, and lightmap baking.

We also massively accelerate in-house game development tools and custom workloads, not to mention common dev workloads like unit testing, integration tests, code analysis, and packaging.