Our cutting-edge features

Flaneer at a glance

The power you need

1,2 or even 4 GPUs? Up to 256 cores? We got all of your use cases covered.

The Storage you need

We offer up to 16TB of shared storage between your teammates.

Protecting your information

Protecting your information is our top priority. We store your data in secure servers, audited by 3rd party security firms, and the most sensitive data is encrypted.

15-minutes Implementation for a new organization

Implement a new solution in your organization has never been easier. 
Appoint an admin to setup general settings. Choose the standards RAM, graphic card, processor, etc.

A virtual desktop environment ready in 1 click

When a new employee joins a team, the first days are dedicated to installing the project and its dependencies. With Flaneer, you eliminate this waste of time and get a work environment ready at once.

Incredibly Faster

Flaneer leverages the best hardware from public cloud providers, and make it ready-to-use for 3D design, video editing and game development.

Customize your Virtual Machine

Our services rely on AWS machines and new cloud providers
partnerships are coming!
Get access to thousands state-of-the arts virtual machines, ready to be used.

Save battery life

We will make our planet great again only if everyone make decisions to preserve our ressources. With Flaneer, save your battery life, and lengthen your hardware life.

More than 1Gbps

You internet speed on Flaneer is the fastest you can get. Download and Upload files at the speed of light.

Up to 16TB of storage

No matter the size of your project, work and collaborate on large files with your teammates.

We take care of every technicals issues for you

Stop worrying about maintenance and repairs

Say goodbye to latency due to software updates. You’ll stop losing time and use it to focus on your core mission.

No more shipment or logistics

Everything is manageable in one click from the webapp.

Looking for a software?

CGI, Video Edition, Game Design, Engineering, we cover them all. Flaneer is designed to work on any complex creation software. You just need to login with your licence. 

Real-time collaboration like never before

Focus on creativity and stop worrying about IT.

Figma-like experience

Teams are now dispersed around the world, and they must collaborate as if they were in one office. With Flaneer, teammates can now collaborate on a project on any software, just like they would on Figma or any webapp.

Storage collaboration

Everyone can now share files with teammates, and work on them at the same time! No matter the size of your project, our solution can store up to 16To and everything is automatically backed-up.

A perfect tool for management and collaboration

Manage your users sessions

See who is online, and join their session to collaborate on the same software. Imagine Figma, but for the software you need.

Import and create users in seconds

Import your users, create groups and manage their authorizations in a few click. We made IT management as simple as it gets.

Create new Workspace in minutes

No more long and boring computer set-up. You can create a Workspace with the software you need in minutes, and make them available to your users in seconds.

Cloud workstations for creative studios. 

Increase computing power and data security.
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