Why we chose Reemo, the low latency streaming protocol

January 30, 2023
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We recently changed our Flaneer streaming protocol to Reemo, so in this article you will learn everything about our learnings and why we decided to choose this client.

Introduction to streaming protocol like Reemo

Reemo is a desktop streaming client, A desktop streaming client allows users to stream a computer from virtually anywhere in the world, the only thing it requires is that the machine is turned on and connected to the internet.

There are lots of streaming clients out there such as Parsec, NiceDcv, Microsoft remote desktop and many more.

How does a streaming client work ?

A client basically allows the user to do all of the things that are possible with the actual physical machine, such as:

  • Install applications
  • Use any applications already installed on the machine
  • Access files on the machine
  • Play games
  • Listen to music
  • Anything else that’s normally possible on the actual machine itself.

A desktop streaming client makes it really simple to use a high end machine at home or in the office from virtually anywhere in the world with a good enough internet connection.

Reemo is one such software that allows all of these things and more, making it possible to stream any machine directly through the browser.

Why Reemo is the best streaming client to choose

Find the best streaming client to fit with our product

Previously we used Nice dcv, which provided a lot of good functionality but required users to have high and stable bandwidth all the time to have a good experience, which pushed us to start looking for alternatives to improve the experiences our users have.

The major problem with nice dcv was that it required really high bandwidth and higher minimum hardware requirements for a stable experience, which limited the kind of local devices our end users could use.

After evaluating lots streaming clients, we drilled down to 3, that would fit almost anybody who wants to stream a remote machine.The three were Reemo, Parsec and Nice DCV.

What are the Reemo streaming protocol features ?

We ended up deciding to use reemo as a default streaming provider because it has a lot more features on the web client, such as:

  • Amazing experience in low local bandwidth
  • We have had amazing experiences with local connections of as low as 3 Mb/s
  • Reemo is a browser first protocol, which allows a lot more users with limited local machines to make use of really powerful remote machines, all with an amazing streaming experience
  • Ability to use a web cam and microphone from a local machine
  • Support for using multiple screens
  • Using the remote machine from a local drawing tablet
  • Using gamepads attached to the local machine
  • Easily switch between hardware and software decoding to overcome the limits of the local machine

Reemo vs Nice DCV tech details

Are you actually looking for the best streaming protocol or details about Reemo ? You’re a the right place : We create a comparison table to understand what are the difference between these two streaming protocol that are Reemo and Nice DCV.

Here’s what they provide:

Why you should start using a Flaneer machine

Virtual machine like Flaneer should fit your daily work

Using a Flaneer machine comes with a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages too.

To decide if a Flaneer machine might be the right fit for you, consider the following requirements:

  • Do you have the need for extremely powerful hardware and a lot of portability?
  • Do you expect to have a stable internet connection more often than not?
  • Would you like access to all the software and hardware you want to work with with but only want to carry around something as small as a chrome book Or a tablet or an ultra light computer?

If the answer to all of the questions above yes, then you should read along to find out why a virtual machine might be a good fit for you.

Specific use cases where virtual machine are the best solution

Having a Flaneer workstation allows you to scale up and down the hardware of your machine with just a click of a button. So, If you have a short term project which require specific hardware, you don’t have to worry 😉

A Flaneer workstation reduces your personal energy consumption as most of the heavy lifting happens on the datacenter.

Remote teams can easily have the hardware they need on demand. Which allows for an amazing employee onboarding experience.

You never have to worry about the huge cable mess and the noise a lot of high end hardware makes, just be sure to have a quite good internet connection.

We have a lot of different machines available, and which are working with the Reemo streaming protocol too. Contact us if you want a free trial on a specific machine!

Get a free trial to test our virtual machines
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