Why is Samsung DeX Station revolutionary?

January 30, 2023
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Why is Samsung DeX Station revolutionary? 

We live in a time of great technological advances, and it is incredible to see how technology can serve multiple purposes and make everyday actions much simpler. 

In a not-so-distant past, people were limited to accessing the Internet through their large desktop computers. 

Then, portability increased, and new doors opened with the power of laptop computers and Wi-Fi, which made us feel used to having Internet access in places where we thought it would be impossible before. 

When smartphones became capable of having stable Internet access, we were already used to mobile Internet, and we began using both laptops and smartphones in tandem, which means carrying two separate devices while traveling.

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The virtual solution of the future is not accessing the Internet using your laptop or computer when you need to work online and only using your phone to navigate and make calls but turning your smartphone into a way to access a cloud-based computer that you can connect to from anywhere. 

This is why the Samsung DeX Station is a revolutionary product that, along with our Flaneer cloud workstation, will completely shift the way you see working remotely from your smartphone.

At our company, we believe that both remote work and flex office models are gaining momentum. 

Smartphones have long been praised for their processing power and the range of possibilities it opens up for navigation. It's a fact that workers nowadays carry smartphones along with their personal or work laptops to their offices, but, in the future, laptops will be unnecessary. 

All the content that used to be hosted on personal or work laptops will be present in the cloud, and a smartphone will be enough to access it through monitors and peripherals like a keyboard and mouse.

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Samsung DeX Station is the first materialization of this vision. The use of a smartphone to work in the cloud means improved mobility for remote work and travel. 

For computing power, it is possible to connect to a cloud PC like Flaneer. 

For simple web browsing, a smartphone will be enough and there is no need for additional equipment, especially as web pages are optimized for mobile viewing.

Samsung DeX Station is a revolutionary concept that embraces the modernity of working from anywhere, anytime, while not needing to compromise on quality standards. It is an extremely helpful tool for workers of all walks of life in all types of positions. The capability to turn your smartphone into a fully equipped computer is a cutting-edge advantage in today's business world. 

Samsung DeX stations come with two USB ports, a USB-C power port, and an Ethernet port to assure you can stay connected everywhere.

This article will highlight the main features of the Samsung DeX Station to show you how it can be a valuable asset in your professional life. It will also further explain some characteristics of this virtual solution so that you can understand its functioning better.

What is Samsung DeX Station?

Samsung DeX Station, from “desktop experience”, is a virtual solution that allows users to turn their Samsung smartphone devices into portable computers with ease through the Samsung DeX software.

Docking your Samsung smartphone into your DeX Station allows you to connect it to any supported monitor and take advantage of your Samsung device's long-touted incredible processing power.

A monitor showing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet onscreen in DeX mode. A man uses a smartphone as a touchpad and touch keyboard to enter information.

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Which peripherals can be plugged with the Samsung DeX station?

Samsung DeX Station supports any peripherals that would be necessary for your everyday usage of a desktop computer, meaning a mouse, keyboard, and any monitors, wireless or HDMI. 

This means you can plug in your usual computer peripherals for an optimal experience with no need for an adjustment period using your Samsung device as a desktop computer.

To connect your Samsung DeX Station to your mouse and keyboard, all you need is a USB-C adapter or hub and you are ready to work. 

You can also use touch screen monitors and on-screen keyboard features with DeX, making it very convenient to use on tablets.

Samsung DeX works with a special DeX cable that is connected to the station and allows you to connect various writing peripherals, such as mechanical or membrane keyboards, and any type of computer mouse, Bluetooth, USB, and RF.

The DeX software also allows the user to use Samsung DeX screen mirroring on a Smart TV or wireless monitor for a fully wireless experience without compromising on work quality. 

Samsung DeX keyboard support, as well as Samsung DeX webcam support, are both features you can use on your DeX station, but your webcam will only be enabled instead of your smartphone's camera if the app you are using provides a supported API.

Are there any Samsung DeX alternatives?

Some programs work similarly to Samsung DeX, but Samsung DeX Station is unique in its features. Your Samsung DeX will only work with a Samsung smartphone from the Note, Tab, or Galaxy series. 

If you are a Samsung user, there is no better alternative to the Samsung DeX station, as it is engineered to work best with Samsung smartphone devices. 

However, for users of other brands, different software is available, even though they do not carry the Samsung trust seal and might have some performance troubles in comparison.

Samsung DeX alternative software will not work with the Samsung DeX Station hardware, as it is specially designed for Samsung brand smartphones. 

You will also not be able to make other alternative DeX station hardware, such as hubs, function with the DeX software. 

This means the best practice is to install DeX software and use Samsung DeX Station with your Samsung smartphone to obtain the best results in your work. Other DeX alternatives will be suited for other brands but may not work as well and be as efficient for you and your devices.

Can Samsung DeX replace your PC?

If you are wondering if Samsung DeX can effectively replace your personal computer, the answer is a resounding YES. 

Samsung DeX allows your smartphone to perform as well as, or even better than, a computer because it has direct access to the cloud, especially when connected to a cloud PC like Flaneer. 

This is the main optimization point of Samsung DeX: taking advantage of a smartphone's portability to provide a full desktop experience anywhere. 

This can be especially useful for occupations that require moving within several work locations like hospital workers often do, as it can allow a simple, quick way to have all the information stored on the cloud available to workers in seconds while using an easy-to-carry device.

A person's feet on a desk with a computerDescription automatically generated with low confidence

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In the picture, you can see a Samsung smartphone connected to an HDMI monitor and peripheral keyboard fully replacing a PC using DeX Station. 

This is how similar the DeX Station workstation looks to a real PC, including the convenience of not needing to carry a heavy computing machine. Your smartphone, which you already carry at all times, performs all the tasks you would expect from a computer but takes up much less travel space.

Samsung DeX: an accelerator for remote work and flex office

Samsung DeX allows workers to travel anywhere in the world and keep up with their tasks through storage on the cloud. 

This is a great advantage for remote work, which has become more and more prevalent in today's times. 

Home and remote office is the work environment of the future, and DeX can propel your organization towards it while providing a seamless transition from computer-hosted work to cloud-hosted work. 

Most workers prefer a hybrid, if not fully remote environment, so trying out new ways to make working from a distance more efficient will also improve happiness and boost morale for the whole company, ensuring staff will perform to the best of their abilities.

You will be able to stop carrying a laptop along with your smartphone wherever you go, and instead, you will be able to opt for only your smartphone, which is very useful for traveling, working abroad, or even just working from your own home or changing to a different office or space. 

The convenience for the worker leads to the ability to have more productive hours, without needing to worry about setting up devices or finding space to keep a larger machine running. It is normal nowadays to have to do remote presentations or manage files and documents from a distance and being able to do it all on your Samsung smartphone shows just how revolutionary DeX Station is for the modern working world.

Can I do jobs requiring computing power and graphics resources on Samsung DeX?

Yes, especially because the main downside of working on a smartphone and using it for business purposes is its small screen display size. Samsung mobile phones are equipped with powerful processors that can be brought to their full potential by connecting them to larger monitors. 

Furthermore, being an integrated solution, Samsung DeX allows connections to cloud PCs like Flaneer, which can assure you have the computing power and graphics resources you need to perform your tasks from anywhere and without compromising on the quality of your work.

Photo Courtesy: Samsung

Samsung DeX's visionary design overcomes all the traditional hurdles of working on projects, presentations, and editing documents at a distance and allows workers from all fields to utilize their Samsung Galaxy, Tab, or Note smartphones to aid them in their tasks. 

This leads to more convenience when it comes to communicating with teams and a better environment overall, which translates to higher productivity and efficiency.

In conclusion, it is clear that Samsung DeX Station is a revolutionary product and that its use can greatly benefit you and your organization. Its ability to turn a Samsung smartphone into a desktop computer and provide a full desktop experience when connected to a monitor is priceless in today's world.

The shift to remote work means that more and more of these sorts of solutions will be needed to aid workers to keep up with current paradigms without losing track of the work-life balance. With less material to carry, more convenient cloud access, and trusted cloud-based computers such as those offered by our company, it is possible to improve work environments and achieve better results.

Using a cloud PC, like Flaneer, will ensure you always can work on DeX with full graphics and processing power to conveniently use your smartphone as a wholly suitable computer alternative.

Accommodating for the workplace of the future will include many redesigns of office space, office functions, and how traditional companies are structured, but it is the workers that ultimately decide what would make them happier and increase their motivation to work. 

When the choice is between working in an office setting or working remotely, it appears in the modern age workers would prefer to work, at least partially, remotely.

The preference of workers for remote job opportunities means it is important to provide them with the tools they require to perform their tasks at a distance. Finding more efficient ways to allow workers to continue to work from anywhere in the world leads to satisfied teams willing to provide their best work and increase their output. 

It is also a great way to improve motivation because workers feel their preferences are being heard. Along with its convenience and efficiency, implementing DeX in your company can bring you all these other advantages when it comes to your workforce. It is an excellent solution, especially when allied with our Flaneer cloud workstation for an optimal cloud-based computer experience.

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