UE5 vs UE5.1

January 30, 2023
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Unreal Engine 5 has received its first major update in version 5.1. It hasn’t captured the same amount of attention as the original update to version 5. However, it is still jam-packed with great features that make it even easier for artists, game developers, and other users to create amazing content.

It includes updates to Lumen, and the new lighting technology powering UE5. Updates to the Nanite virtualized geometry system. There is a tonne of new features for the virtual production pipeline. Another impressive new feature is the ML-enhanced deformation system in the animation tools.

Fun with Foliage

One of the biggest changes in Unreal Engine 5.1 is the improvement of the Nanite virtualized geometry system. This already allowed users to import high-resolution assets into their projects without worrying about performance issues with the high poly count. In the new update, Nanite is now working up to 60fps, which is no minor feat. Not only that but there is now the option to program the Nanite rasterizer, so you can deform Nanite objects programmatically. This would make it possible to have foliage react to the wind for example.

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Lumen is also furnished with fresh fun foliage features! By adding support for two-sided geometry Epic has paved the way for new opportunities for artists to immerse us in lush forests or dark jungles with moonlight piercing the canopy. 

Worried about how big you can make the jungle, don’t be! UE5.1 has increased the size of the default world extents from 22 km to 88,000,000 km! And by leveraging the data layers system you can efficiently load the chunks of your world as you need them. The data layers system has received some attention too, allowing you to really fine-tune your game world for the best performance.

Virtual Production with Unreal Engine 5.1

It isn’t just the game developers getting all the fun either. People using UE5.1 for virtual production are in for a real treat. The virtual camera can now be enhanced from a new panel with color corrections, nDisplay adjustments, and light cards all in one place. This should help speed up the workflows as a result.

The virtual camera has also received a facelift and it is looking great. With a modern UI that people familiar with physical cameras will be more used to. We think it could work great on a touch screen too!

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Using Existing Media in Unreal Engine 5.1

Need to import some EXRs or movie files into UE5.1 for your project, well then there is good news for you in this update. They have massively improved the workflow to using these assets. Now you can just drag and drop from the content browser directly into the scene. And if you have the right SSD RAID you can even use uncompressed EXRs directly.

Machine Learning Enhanced Animation

One of the most exciting features is the ML deformer for the rigging. This new technique used machine learning to deform the mesh intelligently, saving the rigger time during its creation. This marks another step towards fully procedural rigging, which will be a revolution in computer animation.

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Why use Unreal Engine 5.1 for your next project?

Unreal Engine 5.1 is a powerful and versatile game engine that offers a range of features and benefits for artists, game developers, and other professionals. It is often compared with other popular game engines, such as Unity and CryEngine.

One of the key strengths of Unreal Engine 5.1 is its high-quality graphics and realistic physics simulations, which are made possible by the Nanite and Chaos systems.

This makes it a great choice for projects that require detailed and realistic visuals, such as games, films, and virtual production.

In comparison, Unity is more focused on providing users with a wide range of tools and features for creating games, rather than emphasizing realistic graphics and physics. This makes UE5 the best choice for certain types of projects, such as those that require high-quality visuals and realistic physics simulations.

Flaneer: the best PC to run Unreal Engine 5

Flaneer is the ideal computer to run Unreal Engine because it offers you the flexibility to adjust your computing power according to the needs of your project. This means you can upgrade or downgrade your CPU, GPU, and RAM resources as needed to ensure that your Unreal Engine project runs smoothly.

In addition, Flaneer provides pixel streaming technologies (Reemo and DCV) that allow you to enjoy a no-latency, high-resolution experience. This is crucial for Unreal Engine projects, as it ensures that you can interact with your project in real-time without any delays or disruptions.

Furthermore, over 70% Flaneer's clients are game developers, 3D artists, and architects who work with Unreal Engine 5. This shows that Flaneer is well-suited and well-loved by Unreal Engine users, as it has been specifically designed to support their workflows.

Finally, Flaneer's internet speed is incredibly fast, with speeds of around 3GB/s. This is ideal for Unreal Engine projects, which often involve large, complex files that require fast transfer speeds. 

Additionally, Flaneer is compatible with Perforce, which is a popular version control system that is often used in team collaboration scenarios. This makes it easy for you and your team to work together on Unreal Engine projects.Overall, Flaneer's combination of flexibility, high-speed internet, and compatibility with the tools you already use makes it the best platform for Unreal Engine projects.

In Summary

Unreal Engine 5.1 is packed with exciting new features that make it an even more powerful game engine. We really love the new foliage features that enable you to create even more immersive and detailed environments. Made possible by the improved Nanite virtualized geometry system. In addition to the new foliage features, UE5.1 also includes new workflows for virtual production that make it even easier to create stunning content. The most exciting experimental feature in UE5.1 is the ML-enhanced deformation system in the animation tools. This marks another step towards fully procedural rigging, which has the potential to revolutionize computer animation. Overall, UE5.1 is an impressive update that includes a range of new features that make it an even better choice for creating high-quality content. We can't wait to see what future developments Unreal Engine has in store for us.

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