The virtualization solution
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The virtualization solution


We took what was best from Daas and VDI solutions, the result is Flaneer
Flaneer lets you run any software in the cloud and securely use them in your browser.

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Already more than 10 000 hours of software in the cloud, prepare for take-off  🚀

software integration

Easily connect with the software you already use

why flaneer

3 Reasons why to use Flaneer


Cost Savings

We leverage AI to optimize your costs, whether they come from the cloud, hardware investments, or software licences.


Work From Home

Allow your employees to work on the best VPN-secured Virtual Desktops from anywhere, matching your IT requirements.



Teams are now scattered around the world, and they should collaborate as if they were at the same desk.

Elie Hachem

Head of the Computing and Fluids Research Group

"Thanks to Flaneer we can give the entire lab a remote access to heavy softwares such as Ansys, Solidworks and Catia, without investing in new laptops!"

Built for company of all sizes

Security & Privacy

Protecting your information

Protecting your information is our top priority. We store your data in secure servers, audited by 3rd party security firms, and the most sensitive data is encrypted.

Streaming encryption

Your screen and keystrokes are encrypted over the wire, making Flaneer your best tool against cyber attacks.

Trusted by some of the world's best workplaces

A plug-and-play experience

15-minutes Implementation

Appoint an admin to setup general settings. Then, create your virtual workspace in one click. 

Professional, World-Class Support

We love what we do & who we do it for. You will never met a support team that much reactive.

Simple License Management

50 users for 5 licences ? We manage floating licences. You can customize your policy anytime.

Smart Instances Management

Plan the number of instances you'll need and their settings


Frequently Asked Questions

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