Cloud Workstations made for


Virtual Machines made for graphic intensive jobs. Take advantage of Cloud Computing.

Managing your own workstations raises issues

3 000
Average annual expense per physical computer due to maintenance and repairs
Source : Cabinet Gartner Group
6 500
Average annual expense for an IT outsourcer for a company with 20 PCs
Source : RAS France
3 Weeks
Lost work time due to computer latency per year
Source : Easy Panel Study

Why rent is better than buy ?

Convert your IT CAPEX costs to OPEX

Improve the prediction of your IT spendings

Our services are implementation cost free

Stay on top of technology!

At the end of the cycle, you spent same amount but with Flaneer you have one brand new machine!

We take care of every technicals issues for you

Stop worrying about maintenance and repairs

Say goodbye to latency due to software updates. You’ll stop losing time and use it to focus on your core mission.

No more shipment or logistics

Everything is manageable in one click from the webapp.

Why choose cloud workstations over physical devices ?

You’ve asked for flexibility?
We’ve done it.

Configure your cloud workstations to match your needs

Your usage is evolving ? You need more computing power ? This is not a problem.
With Flaneer, you can change your graphics or computing power to suit your needs.
You can modify your configuration yourself directly in the dedicated administration area of your virtual machine.

Time to think green

More than 2 million companies in France store unused computers.

All these inevitably end up in the bin.
By using Flaneer, you can say stop to E-waste while reducing your ecological impact : Keep using your old devices to stream state of the art machines!

A little step for you, a big step for our planet.

You will truly enjoy the silence

Tired of working on a noisy computer?

We’ve all had that moment when we thought our computer was going to take off for another planet.
This problem is mainly due to a computer configuration that is not adapted to your daily use.
With a virtual machine, this power problem will no longer exists.

Cloud workstations for creative studios.

Increase your computing power and data security!

They trust us

They've been supporting us since the begining, let's praise them!

Want to learn more about us ?

We have plenty of ressources to share to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on the chat if you don't have your answer here

Does Flaneer offer a free trial?

We can't offer a 100% free trial since we pay AWS for their machines. However, we do understand the need to test out our product before subscribing. That's why we've created a special offer to get refund 95% of the subscription if you resign before 24h. 

Is it possible to install VPN on your machines?

Yes it is! Most of our clients use it to connect to their files server. If you need any assistance when implementing your VPN, and be sure that you don't break the machine's setup, feel free to reach us. 

Are your machines always on?

Not really. If we let our machines 24/7 on, we wouldn't be profitable. What we do is we put a timeout after 2 hours on non activity in the streaming session. If you are interested in rendering, build machines, or complex calculations, we created a new offer dedicated to this need, based on an hourly pricing.

How do you deal with GDPR?

We let our customers choose the location of their datacenters. It means that if you choose a datacenter in Europe, it will automatically complies with GDPR rules. 

Can I use my own streaming protocol on a Flaneer's machine?

Our streaming technology is based on DCV and Reemo technology. They are great streaming protocol for 3D design, animation, and video editing. If by any chance you want to test another streaming protocol, feel free to do so. After all, Flaneer is just a PC... in the cloud!

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