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Don't underestimate the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) of your hardware

Flaneer's cloud workstation was made to optimize your IT costs.


$ 700

Firms spend $700 per user per month when all IT expenses are factored

Source : Gartner, Inc


80 %

of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase.

Source : Gartner, Inc


30 min

per week trying to fix PC problems or helping a co-worker.

Source : Compass America

Files for creatives.

Cloud Files. Upload your files in Flaneer's cloud, or use one of our built-in integration and connect your file servers with your cloud workstation.

Share large files. Create a file system and share it with your team. Have it mount on any of your workstations to collaborate.


Build team momentum

Invitations. Invite a user and give them access to a provisioned desktop and a file system in less than a minute. Ideal for a freelancer or a remote worker!

Why choose cloud workstations over physical devices ?

Flaneer helps you handle Remote work and short term projects

Graphics workstations are expensive and buying a new machine can be inconvenient when you have a short term project. As for remote workers, buying a new laptop is inefficient when it comes to cost efficiency and IT maintenance.

You can modify and administrate your workstations from a centralized dashboard, and  upgrade  your virtual desktops in one click.

Flaneer reduces your E-waste and your Energy consumption

Stop throwing your computers in the trash after a few years of use. By using Flaneer, you can say stop to E-waste and reduce your ecological impact by using your old devices for longer.

On top of that, it has been demonstrated that a fully virtualized IT infrastructure can have energy consumptions savings of 28%, in comparison with an on-premise IT infrastructure.


The perfect PC for Unreal Engine 5

Flaneer's virtual desktop are provisioned with Windows. You can install any software compatible with Windows on it, Unreal Engine 5 included. 

Unreal Engine 5 is gaining momentum in the creative industry: game studios, animation studios and architecture agencies use UE5 on Flaneer. If you want to know why? You can read our blog post here


Create your Virtual Desktop with Flaneer now.

Cloud workstations for creative studios.
Increase your computing power and data security!

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Your PC, in minutes.

Blazingly fast. Stop waiting for months to get your GPU shipped in. Build your machine, start it and start streaming from your browser in less than 5 minutes. With Flaneer, it has never been easier to rent a PC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on the chat if you don't have your answer here

Does Flaneer offer a free trial?

We've created a special offer to get a 90% refund of the subscription if you resign before 48h. 

Is it possible to install VPN on your machines?

Yes it is! Most of our clients use it to connect to their files server. If you need any assistance when implementing your VPN, and be sure that you don't break the machine's setup, feel free to reach out or check the help center. 

Are your machines always on?

No. If we let our machines be on 24/7, we wouldn't be profitable. Nor is that sustainable energy use. What we do is we put a timeout after max 1h45 on non activity in the streaming session. If you are interested in rendering, build machines, or complex calculations, we created a new offer dedicated to this need, based on an hourly pricing. Please get in touch for more info.

How do you deal with GDPR?

We let our customers choose the location of their datacenters. It means that if you choose a datacenter in Europe, it will automatically comply with GDPR rules. 

Can I use my own streaming protocol on a Flaneer's machine?

Our streaming technology is based on DCV and Reemo technology. They are great streaming protocol for 3D design, animation, and video editing. If by any chance you want to test another streaming protocol, feel free to do so. After all, Flaneer is just a PC... in the cloud!

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